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I offer personal training, group training, training and meal plans and workshops.

Personal training | Personal training is a good choice if you want to improve your physical performance, burn fat and learn the correct techniques for exercises. In personal training we focus on exercising safely. We look at your goals and draw up a training plan suited to your body. In personal training I give you both advice and motivation.

Group training | Group training is an ideal choice if you are willing to train in a small group where everyone shares the same goals: to find the motivation they need, to improve and to support one another. My aim is to bring people together who are not prepared to train on their own or want to find workout partners and also try a variety of interesting areas. In addition, you can invite me to different sports events and other gyms to lead group training.

Training and meal plans | You can order meal and training plans from me. These can be ordered separately or together. I draw up the plans specifically for you, for which purpose I offer a separate consultation to determine your needs and wishes. I will help you improve your menu and together we will find the best solution for you to find your way to healthy exercise.

Workshops | You can use this service if you are looking for someone to run workshops at sports events, training sessions, etc. Topics that my workshops cover include finding motivation, proper diets, healthy exercise and training wisely.