Would you like to invest into your personnel’s wellbeing and at the same time create a positive environment at your offices? I can come to your offices and organize an exercise session/event according to your needs and likes to cheer up your day.

Below you can see a few examples of typical events:

Physical maintenance

Are your employees staring at screens all day long and their necks, shoulders and backs are cramping and aching? I can help them by guiding them through exercises and stretches designed to open up muscles and joint and ease the pain. Best results are achieved by doing this regularly, but I can also teach employees on “one time” sessions.

Group exercise

Would you like to have more positive energy and physical activity at your office? I will come there and hold a exercise session, during which we will get some sweating and laughing going on. I can theme the session according to your liking, for example we can have a “Bodypump”, “Bodycombat” or a very popular “Thigh, Stomach and Buttocks” -training, after which sitting in an office chair will be a welcome relief 😊

It’s easy to train with a familiar group of people, like your office colleagues. Attendees can support and motivate each other. At the same time, we can boost co-operation and community spirit among the office. Training alone isn’t always exciting for everyone; group exercises can help with this!

Are you having a corporate event, where you’d like to give the attendees an opportunity to move and exercise as part of the program? Want to break the monotonous PowerPoint sessions? I can come and hold guided stretching sessions and low impact exercises to get the blood flowing again and boost alertness back to acceptable levels without raising too much sweat.


Does your office have a gym, and could it be used more and more correctly?

I can come and guide your employees to perform the different movements and exercises in a correct and safe way to ensure that they receive the maximum benefit from their time spent there. For a separate price, I can also provide individual exercise programs for the employees, to help them improve their health and wellbeing towards their own goals

Groupwork work shops

You can use this service if you are looking for someone to run workshops at sports events, training sessions, etc. Topics that my workshops cover include finding motivation, proper diets, healthy exercise and training wisely.

Business pricing (prices 0% VAT)

Exercise hour 200 euros

  • 55 minutes of exercise or training with your staff/employees

Half day exercise workshop 500 euros

  • Half day (4h) effective session, during which we can do different kinds of exercises or activities in groups or individually. During this time, there will be time for 3-4 different groups that can have different themes.