1200e (incl. 24% VAT) – can be billed in instalments

20 visits / sessions together

Do you already know that you want to invest and are committed into your own development? You want to ensure that you have the help and motivation to reach your own goals.

By buying the 20 visit package you ensure that you’ll have all the help and motivation that I can provide for training and you will make sure that you don’t have any excuses not to reach your own goals. This package will get you for example two sessions per week for close to three months. During this time we can already achieve a lot!

Especially in the beginning I would recommend for us to meet at least twice a week, so that you can learn and progress as fast as possible. But, for example, after the first ten visits, we can also think about a monthly pricing set-up. Practicing together twice a week would be 565 euros per month.

Once you’ve learned the essentials and found the joy of exercise, you might get enough help from me by meeting only once a week. The price for this would be 285 euros per month.