My name is Aleksandra Nevski and I’m a fitness enthusiast with a healthy lifestyle from Finland. I have lived in Finland for almost eight years and I am currently working as a personal trainer and a group training instructor. I have been doing sports since I was 9 years old and did judo for 10 years. I am a three-time Estonian champion and have won three bronze medals and two silver medals in World Cup events. I have three years of experience as a judo instructor for children.

Since 2012 I have led training mostly in groups and at the gym, and this is my current lifestyle. To date I have been leading group training for five years. In spring 2017 I competed in bodyfitness, where I took 1st place in the beginners competition and 4th place in the Estonian Cup.


In 2017-2018 I undertook a Fustra basic training course and Trainer Levels 1-3 in Finland. (Fustra is about improving posture and teaching the correct techniques for gym training.)

In 2013 I became a Les Mills Body Combat instructor.

I addition, I have undertaken training such as organising children’s camps and in regard to nutrition and anatomy.

I studied youth work at Tallinn University, where my minor was management of health sport.

In 2007 I graduated from Audentes Sports Gymnasium in Tallinn, where my field of study was judo (I became a Level 1 instructor).

I am energetic, have a positive attitude towards life and want to help as many people as possible who seek motivation and challenges and want to make the change to a healthier lifestyle, lose weight or increase muscle tone. I am willing and able to provide advice and support. I am diligent in my work and finish what I start. To me, the most important thing is that my clients are satisfied and achieve their goals safely.

If you feel you need help in this area, know that you are just one step away from becoming the ‘better me’ you want to become.